Problem reports

If you have Lnet connection problems, please check the points below. If the problem persists, fill in the error report.

Please note that replies to problem reports are mainly sent to the provided email address. If you are filling the form on behalf of someone else, please provide a name and contact information for both yourself and the tenant.

2023-08-28: Connections to Kalliopellonkatu are broken since July 4th. Please direct any inquiries on this to the LOAS office, do not use the form below.

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Note! If your address is not listed, it is not connected to Lnet. The rest of LOAS buildings are connected with cable modems by Telia. The contact details for Telia customer service can be found at the LOAS web pages.
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Guide for finding the MAC address on Windows 7

Note: Writing in capital letters makes the text harder to read, and makes it look like you are yelling. Please do not do that. We try to handle any reports as quickly as we can. If you want us to deal with your problem faster, please help us by giving any relevant information and answering the questions above. Telling your situation is urgent does not help it get resolved faster. We all have things to do.

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